The Next Yota Dual-Screen E-Ink Phone Will Make It to the U.S.

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This particularly sleek-looking, dual-screened Android is the second iteration of the Russian Yota Phone—and, unlike its predecessor, it will actually arrive on U.S. shores.

The next generation YotaPhone won't be available until the end of the year. But when it does arrive, it will be rather better than the current offering: a quad-core processor rather a single, a larger primary HD display, and a far bigger battery. Best of all, though, the new curved e-ink pane on the rear of the device will be fully touch sensitive. Here are the full specs:


Of course, not everyone's convinced by a secondary display on the back of a phone, but those who are should be delighted by this news. The all-touch e-ink display means that users will be able to interact with the phone without using the power-sapping color display—at least for light work like sending text messages—which should really help conserve battery life. In fact, using just that rear screen should furnish you with 58-68 hours of phone use, according to Yota Devices. That's pretty impressive.

There's currently no official word on pricing, but the older phone currently retails in Russia and select European countries for around $680. Whether two screens are worth that kind of money is up to you. [TechCrunch]