The NY Times Drops a Steamer on the PS3

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The New York Times has had a week to spend some time with the PS3, and boy howdy they sure don't like it. While they say it "certainly delivers gorgeous graphics," it doesn't look any better than the Xbox 360. And that's the nicest thing they say about it.

Their laundry list of complaints include the fact that you need to plug the controller in before using it wirelessly, no HD cables included in the box, not being able to download content in the background while you play, not being able to play your own music over games, and so on and so forth. They go on to say that Sony has "forgotten that all the transistors in the world can't make someone smile." Ouch.

The author, one Seth Schiesel, seems about ready to go crawling back to his beloved Xbox 360 and never look back, but we think he might be being a bit hasty with his damning judgment. The PS3 might have some annoying bugs in its software, but in a few months once some updates have come down the pipe we're sure a lot of these little nitpicks will be made moot. Let's give it a chance here, Seth. It's not like the Xbox 360 hasn't gotten upgrades since it came out.


A Weekend Full of Quality Time With PlayStation 3 [New York Times]

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Sony has too many undelivered promises for me to buy a PS3 on what they may eventually do with updates to the system.

Today, as the original article points out, the PS3 is not as good or as fun as a 360 and is more expensive.