The Odds a Firmware Update Will Relock Your iPhone: Very High

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Just a word of caution in case Apple decides to release an iPhone firmware update, say... tomorrow —or next week or whenever: if you have a software-unlocked iPhone, don't update until it gets confirmed that the unlock is not affected. All software unlocks are vulnerable to Apple's firmware updates, say the Dev Team.


As someone from the iPhone Dev Team puts it:

...they [Apple] can beat everything. IPSF or us, it doesn't matter.

Apparently, unless you steal the RSA key, which is a top secret thing and highly improbable, Apple can re-lock all the unlocks with their next firmware update. As the same person said, this could be like the PSP firmware and the war could continue until one of the two parties give up.


Free iPhones of the world, keep your eyes open.

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While it is true that you can legally unlock your phone (for your own personal use, just not for profit as a business to "unlock phones" en masse)—Apple isn't legally precluded from modifying or updating their phone for their entire consumer base as they see fit to add new features (and potentially re-lock it in the process).

At that point you are more than welcome to try and legally unlock your phone again—it basically will be a game of cat and mouse.