The Official Snowden Trailer Is Here and It's Unnervingly Sexy

We saw the first teaser for Oliver Stone’s upcoming true-to-life spy thriller Snowden almost a year ago. But the first official trailer gives us a more complete look at what Stone has done to the true story of this decade’s most infamous whistleblower.


Snowden hits all the spy thriller notes with over-the-top surveillance imagery, an obligatory ominous phone call, and a fair amount of hero worship. Despite looks at characters played by Nicolas Cage and Zachary Quinto, the real star of this trailer is Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s super strange Snowden impersonation. It kind of comes off sounding like a constipated Muppet. The only part that upstages the voice is the sex scene featuring Ed Snowden, his girlfriend, and a webcam.

The film hits theaters on September 16, 2016. If it’s anything like this trailer it should be a real barf-inducing rollercoaster of distorted history.



I’m not understanding why so many people hate Snowden. Didn’t he single-handedly reveal to the world that our own government is using any means necessary to illegally spy on us? Doesn’t anyone care about that? No matter what it is, someone can always use something that you’ve done/read/watched against you. May not happen now, but in the future, the fact that you watched she-male porn on your cell phone will come back to haunt you.