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The Only OS X Tablet Never Sold.

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Yesterday everyone doggy-piled on the iTab, an iBook hardware hack that was put to auction on eBay. Naturally, this limited edition series of 100 iTabs did not meet with eBay's standards. Did this surprise anyone? Today there is a new auction, starting bid $1,500 (zero bidders so far). The folks behind the iTab, ThePlaceforitAll, have done some great software mods—but hardware? I'd sooner put money down on how quickly this auction will disappear.


That said, I do love the idea behind this imaginary machine.

The iTab is built by taking Apple's excellent 12" iBook laptop, taking the screen off, applying a touchscreen, then flipping the screen around and fastening it on. The whole thing is finished off by putting the leftover screen backing over the top of the iTab, giving it the "rounded white edges." The image above is a very close approximation of what iTab should look like when constructed. The iTab is not built yet.


Product Page

Will a single iTab ever be built? Vote yea or nay after the jump...

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