If there’s one thing a plastic resin 3D printer is good at, it’s making custom toys. And Michael Sng’s Machination Studio has created the ultimate example of what 3D-printed toys can be with the HMC Boudicca; a 20-inch tall walking mechanized tank with more detailed animated features than even R2-D2 has.

Scaled to human sizes the HMC Boudicca would be hundreds of feet tall, serving as a mobile military platform full of cannons, machine guns, searchlights, and missile launchers. But even at just 20-inches it’s an amazingly detailed creation that’s assembled using over 400 3D-printed, hand-painted plastic parts, and filled with servos, electronics, and everything else needed to bring it to life.

The best part of Sng’s HMC Boudicca is that you don’t have to just stare at photos and videos of it in action, it’s actually available for sale through the Machination Studio website. The only catch is that specific pricing hasn’t been finalized just yet, so you’ll need to set aside a blank check for this one.


And to help cover inflation, reward early supporters, and ensure their investment keeps its value, every HMC Boudicca that Sng builds will actually cost two percent more than the previous one did. So if you are interested in adding this to your collection, you better get your pre-order in sooner rather than later. [Machination Studio via The Awesomer]

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