I thought I'd given up being impressed by laptop specs. But then the Origin EON17-Z happened. Good God, you could probably run entire robot armies using this thing.

An Intel X79 chipset with hexacore processors in whatever flavor you like; up to 32GB of 1333MHz Corsair quad channel memory; the option of dual NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580M graphics cards (which can be overclocked, if you want); space for three hard drives giving you 3TB of storage. And, uh, a customizable backlit keyboard with two lighting zones and seven colors.


OK, so prices start at $3,159, it has a 17-inch screen and weighs it 12 pounds. Twelve whole pounds. But, but.. those specs. This is probably the most ridiculous no-holds-barred laptop I've ever seen. Now close your mouth and carry on as before. [Origin]

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