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The People Vs. George Lucas Rules On The Director's Fate At South by Southwest Fest

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The documentary The People Vs. George Lucas takes the most revered and most reviled director to geek court. Neil Gaiman, Gary Kurtz and droves of Star Wars fans and experts weigh in on film. Lucas: great man or giant monster?

Premiering at the SXSW film festival is this amazing little documentary that shows the everyday battle we all fight in our love/hate relationship with George Lucas. Diving deep into expert opinion and fandom rage and love the directors analyze the deep dark relationship we all have with Lucas and Star Wars.

THE PEOPLE vs. GEORGE LUCAS explores the titanic struggle between a Godlike filmmaker and his legions of fans over the most popular franchise in movie history. "At its core, PvsG is the examination of a high-profile, dysfunctional love story", says Philippe. "George created this humongous and intricate sandbox for us to play in; but is he the sole owner of it, or does it now belong to the ages? And what happens to your role as a creator when your audience claims it owns your art? We basically looked at the conflicted dynamic between George and his fans from a cultural perspective, and asked ourselves those questions."

The SXSW film festival runs from March 12th to the 21st, in Austin, Texas.