The trend to make everything 3D had an adverse effect on movies, but it works really well elsewhere. Remember those wooden Labyrinth games where you twisted a couple of knobs to manoeuvre a metal ball through a 2D maze? Well if you were to add a third dimension you'd end up with these Perplexus puzzles. And the latest version, the Warp, promises a whole other dimension of frustration, too.

Your challenge is to move a small metal ball through a twisty roller coaster of plastic tracks, slides, and other obstacles by rotating, turning, and bumping the entire Perplexus puzzle. And the new Warp version adds a slider that has you manually repositioning the ball from the outside, while trying to keep the whole thing steady.

Along the way you'll encounter 80 different challenges making it harder to get the ball to the end of the maze, and throughout it all there's the unending pull of gravity that's constantly trying to derail your attempts. Frustrating probably doesn't begin to explain the challenge the $20 Perplexus Warp offers, but even when you do get the ball to its destination, you're immediately driven to do it again and again, but faster and faster. [Perplexus]

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