The PlayStation 3 Bundled With 3 Games, 1 Bible

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Somewhere in Poland, there's an unofficial PS3 bundle floating around with Ratchet & Clank, Gran Turismo Prologue, Ridge Racer 7 and...The Bible?


Pismo Swiete Stary/Nowy Testament translates to "Sacred Scripture Old / New Testament." And while The Bible would make for one hell of a brutal video game, it appears that PS3 owners will need to settle for the written version in this latest bundle.

But given much of the world's deep ties to various religions, maybe packaging under-performing consoles with a variety of holy texts wouldn't be the worst marketing scheme. After all, there is no Official Game System of Jesus Christ yet (at least in this generation of consoles). [Wykop via Maxconsole]


Considering how rare any commodity is in Poland, they can sell the bible and make back part (or all) of the money they spent on the games.