The PlayStation Phone Was Blocked by Sony?

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In one of those moments when you realize Sony is indeed a Jupiter-sized, 5000-tentacled robot, it appears that Sony may have refused to let Sony Ericsson use PlayStation branding for their phones.

It's been no secret that Sony Ericsson has been working on a PlayStation Phone, and now Mobile Today is claiming that Sony reviewed Sony Ericsson handsets in December and refused to share the powerful brand name. As the story goes, sources from Sony proper claim that it's an issue with giving anything but a pure Sony phone the PlayStation stamp. Meanwhile, Sony Ericsson publicly commented that "we feel at the moment the technical specs are not high enough to put such a prestigious brand on a phone."


Whatever the case, it's looking a lot like the PlayStation Phone is dead in the water. Again. [Mobile Today via Engadget]

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Okay..most gamers don't want to be bothered when they are playing...let on the freaking phone. If it had a built in toilet or Mountain Dew dispenser...maybe then it would be considered