These Terrible Historical Events Inspired Game of Thrones' Red Wedding

Even though it took place three seasons ago, the Red Wedding in Game of Thrones is still probably one of the most shocking things to ever happen on the series. And though George RR Martin is wildly imaginative in creating the world of Westeros, the inspiration for the Red Wedding actually comes from history. We did this to ourselves before Game of Thrones did it.


Real Life Lore explores how the Black Dinner (where a 16-year-old and his little brother got executed while eating dinner as guests of 10-year-old King James II) and the Massacre of Glencoe (where a family and its three settlements basically got burned down and erased) during 15th and 17th century Scotland compares to the Red Wedding. (The Black Dinner would be what happens to Robb, Talisa, and Catelyn, and the Massacre of Glencoe would be what happened to the army.)

Of course, much of this is known already, but the video does a fine job in showing how reality is just as screwed up and savage as fiction.

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My Ma is a Campbell and family tradition is that we were direct descendants of the guys who did this, having fled Scotland for Ireland before eventually moving to Canada and then filtering down to New England where she and my Dad met. When my Ma told me about this when I was little I was shocked by it and thought it was something that needed to be kept secret or I’d never be allowed in McDonalds again. For a little kid that was a pretty high worry.