The Remake of Stephen King's Firestarter Just Landed a New Director

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It feels like almost every single day, a new Stephen King property moves forward in Hollywood. Yesterday, it was The Boogeyman. A few weeks ago, it was the sequel to The Shining, Doctor Sleep. Now, the remake of Firestarter has taken a jump forward by landing acclaimed director Fatih Akin.

Variety reports Akin will helm the King remake for Universal and Blumhouse, with Scott Teems writing and Akiva Goldsman, who was originally attached to direct, producing. Akin isn’t well-known in the mainstream, but his films, such as Soul Kitchen, Goodbye Berlin, and Golden Globe winner In the Fade, have garnered some attention on the festival circuit.


Firestarter, of course, is based on a 1980 novel by King and was turned into a 1984 movie that starred Drew Barrymore. It’s about young girl who can conjure fire by thought being hunted by the government.

Every studio in Hollywood is currently chasing the success of It and trying to push its Stephen King titles forward, hence the current King mania. So Warner Bros. has It: Chapter 2 already filming, and it’s also prepping Doctor Sleep. Paramount is filming Pet Sematary. And according to Variety, Firestarter just so happens to be the Universal-owned property that’s the most ready to go.