The SC: Stereoscopic Skateboarders, Feynman's Flower Ode, and Obvious Observations Are Obvious


Watch world-class skaters like Bobby Worrest, Mark Gonzales, and Mike Anderson throw down impossible tricks in stunning anaglyph 3D. Yes, you will need a pair of those red-blue 3D glasses. If you don't own a pair, make a pair.


"Nie musze wracac" - Pezet x Jimek

I have no idea who these guys are or what the fuck they're talking about but the special effects are rad.


NYT: People in California Smoke A Lot of Pot

And in other news today, the birthplace of the Summer of Love and Mecca of American counter culture is filled with a bunch of pot-smoking hippies. SHOCKING. Seriously though, New York Times reporter Adam Nagourney takes a look at how quickly and thoroughly Californians' views on recreational marijuana use have changed. [NYT - Image: paul prescott / shutterstock]


Richard Feynman - Ode To A Flower

Fraser Davidson animates this awesome visual aid to a classic Richard Feynman interview for the BBC's "The Pleasure of Finding Things Out".


Director David Okany's high-speed photography makes Karimbo's breakin' moves appear to defy the laws of physics. [The Awesomer]


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