The Secret Government Surveillance Document Microsoft Doesn't Want You To See

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Microsoft has a 22-page document which outlines how they store all your private data in their online servers. The document also tells government agencies how they can get it. But, oh surprise, they don't want you to see it:

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The document was unearthed by Cryptome, the site who previously unveiled similar papers by Facebook, Skype, and other online giants. When Microsoft learned about it, they sent their rabid law dogs to tear Cryptome apart, Digital Millennium Copyright Act in one hand, iron bar in the other. So far they have managed to coerce Cryptome's host company to take down the site the pages aren't taken down. Network Solutions complied with Microsoft's barking, passing along the message to Cryptome that, if they don't take down the "secret" material, they would take down the whole site.

Obviously, Microsoft and Network Solutions don't give a damn about public interest. Make no mistake: Knowing what Microsoft can disclose and how, no matter if you are a criminal or just some innocent dude using Microsoft's services, should interest you. [Microsoft Spy via Business Insider]

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Everyone wants their privacy, but just for example if your child was being sexually 'abused' over Xbox Live, similar to what happened on PS Home lately, I'm sure we'd all want the police to have access to the predators home address.