There’s a good reason Spin Master’s Zoomer Dino took home ‘Toy of the Year’ honors for 2014. It’s not only as close as you can get to owning a life-like pet dinosaur, it’s also able to balance on two wheels like the insanely-expensive Segway. And now that Jurassic World is dominating the box office, it’s only fitting for Zoomer Dino to get a fitting upgrade.


Gone is the bright green shiny plastic finish of the original Zoomer Dino, it’s now replaced with realistic-looking textured skin styled after Jurassic World’s Indominus Rex. Functionality is still the same, the toy can be controlled using an included remote, interacted with using hand gestures, or left to autonomously roam your home or office. But it now just looks far more intimidating with glowing red eyes and horns sticking out in all directions.

It also comes with a slightly scarier $120 price tag, but if you crunch the numbers on how much it would cost you to genetically engineer the same thing in real life, plus the financial burden of a theme park run amok, this is still the cheapest way to get your dino fix. [Spin Master Toys]

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