Illustration for article titled The Shanghai World Expo 2010 Will be an Amazing Architectural Freak Show

How do you top Singapore's pixelated skyscraper, Macau's giant bunny, that twirly Danish Pavilion, and even a corporate building made from used CD cases? If you're Romania, you build a $3.5 million giant green apple designed to encourage healthy lifestyles...


Dubbed the GreenOpolis, the pavilion was designed by SC M&C Strategy Development, and will cover about 21,527 square feet of space. The 5 levels will include music and cultural performance areas, plus restaurant, terrace, and office facilities.

Seriously, if the 2010 World Expo wasn't in China, I'd head over with the sole purpose of dropping acid or something. The event kicks off on May 1st next year. Oh, and next cab off the rank is South Korea. Here's the first taste at what they've got planned for World Expo 2012. [GreenOpolis via Arch Daily and]

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