The Simpsons Explore Homer's Guts In This Awesome New Opening

The Simpsons have really been a roll lately when it comes to their openings. First it was French animator Sylvain Chomet, and now we're treated to the work of Michal Socha, a Polish filmmaker. It's hard to say which one was better, but we can all agree that utilizing these unexpected animators has yielded some amazing openings.

Regardless, this trip inside of Homer is beautiful, surreal, and more than a little disturbing (in a classic Simpsons kind of way). The red and black color scheme and combination of 2D/CG is an homage to Socha's 2008 Chick, which he made as a student. And if you like this, Animation World News has an interview with Socha about the process of making the opening.


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So Homer swallows his own semen?