The Smartest Fitness Tracker Just Got Smarter

​The Basis B1 band was already the brainiest fitness tracker out there. It would track your pulse, temperature, how much you sweat, and it was even smart enough to tell when you've gone to sleep and when you've woken up without you having to manually set anything. That's a feature we loved when we tested it, so we're psyched to see the watch bring that same kind of intelligence to working out.

With a new update that just pushed out, Basis launched Body IQ, which enables the watch to tell when you begin running or biking, and it immediately switches to its new run or bike mode, and tracks you as you go. Pretty slick, though how it would recognize biking, I have no idea. You'll be able to set goals for running and biking, and you can dive into the data through some very nice visualizations online.


The update just went live, so if you've got a Basis B1, time to update your firmware. We'll give it a spin and let you know what we think. In the meantime, you can read our full review below. [Basis]

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