The Snowboard with an E-Ink Screen

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We have seen e-ink in plenty of watches and clocks, but this is the first time we have ever seen e-ink in a snowboard.

While you are flying down the mountain, you can keep track of your orientation using the built-in compass and altimeter. The display also crams in a clock, weather icon and even email alert for when you really need to check you messages. Sadly, it's a concept to showcase e-ink and not available for retail sale. This is the spring, though, and maybe someone will be inspired to build one in time for the winter ski season. [Engadget via DVICE]

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that's actually really awesome. It's such a pain to get your cell phone out when its buried deep in a protective pocket in your snow apparel. Get this to connect via bluetooth to your phone, maybe throw a little keyboard on there somewhere, and that would be freakin awesome. Especially if you didn't have to take your gloves off. This would be really awesome.

The only bad side is that the vibrate might throw you off balance.