The Stoner Channel: Blowing Bongs, Hawking on God, and the Blues Brothers Do Winterland


Like you've never had to jump a motorcycle off a freeway overpass to stab an airplane in the face with a sword. That's a normal Monday commute by Los Angeles standards.

The Blues Brothers Live at Winterland on NYE 1978

Oh man, the Dead had to follow that set? They had their work cut out for them. h/t Bubba_Fett

An Introduction to Greenhouses

A greenhouse (no pun intended) is perhaps the ideal synthesis of indoor and outdoor cultivation—you retain the environmental controls of an indoor operation but can exploit all the free sunlight and space of the great outdoors. High Times walks through the basics of greenhouse growing. [High Times]

Glass Blowing - Water Bong No.98

The guys from eXcellentPipes show off their glass-handling skills in this slick timelapse walkthrough of the creation of #98.

Stephen Hawking: Does God Exist?

A discussion of science versus religion on the Internet. I don't see how this could possibly go wrong.

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