The Stoner Channel: Bubblegum Necromancers, Closet Herbs, and the Dude Revealed

The Dude That Inspired "The Dude"

You may think that the Coen Brothers simply pulled the protagonist for their cult hit The Big Lebowski from the creative ether but that's like your opinion man. Turns out Jeffrey Lebowski is actually based on this man, super-slacker Jeffrey Dowd. Now, documentarian Jeff Feuerzeig takes a look at the man behind The Dude. [Boing Boing]


The Colors of Evil - Alyse Miller and Phillip Simon

Well yes, I suppose that is one way to annihilate the moon and crush your rivals simultaneously—and adorably. [Cartoon Brew]


The Magic of Lake Maggiore

With gorgeous scenic vistas like these and a mild Mediterranean climate, is it any wonder why Italy's second largest lake is such a draw with vacationers? [Like Cool]


Trapped in a Closet? Might As Well Grow Some Weed

After you clear some space by kicking out Tom Cruise, John Travolta, and R Kelly, Big Buds has three easy ways to maximize your yields with a limited floor plan. [Big Buds - Image: / Shutterstock]


LA County Tokers Double Up on Signatures for Anti-Ban Ballot Measure

Efforts to overturn the LA city councils recent county-wide ban on MMJ dispensaries is off to a great start. While 27,425 signatures were needed to get the measure on November's ballot, MMJ proponents just turned in 50,000.


"We want a strict regulatory system in place to ensure safe access for patients and a nuisance-free process for neighborhoods." said Norma Schaffer, a proponent of the referendum. "This one-size-fits-all ban not only hurts patients, but it eliminates dispensaries playing by the rules while doing little to shut down rogue dispensaries." [420 Times]

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