The Stoner Channel: Celebrity Space Endorsements, Every Movie from 2012, and Macklemore on NPR

I Just Wanna - Rob & Nino

MoreFrames Animation of Eerie, PA shows us that it's not the frames per second that's important, but the content of the cells. Here's their latest project, a Space Opera set to the tunes of Rob & Nino. [Cartoon Brew]

Frank Sinatra and Willie Nelson Would Like You to Know Just How Great NASA Is

Back in ther '80s, when manned space flight was still in vogue, NASA produced a PSA campaign wherein pairs of A-list celebrities extol the technological benefits that everybody enjoys thanks to space exploration. In this ad, Willie Nelson and Frank Sinatra remind us that without a space program we wsouldn't have MRIs. You can find the rest of the PSA campaing at Wired. [It's Okay to Be Smart]

Watch Every Film from 2012 in Six Minutes

YouTuber sleepyskunk produced theis masterful movie mashup featuring bits from every film that will premiere this year, including those coming out later this month. See if you can name every film and check your answers against the list on his Tumblr page.

Wheezy Waiter Wrestles with Crafty Teleporting Camera

It's just not fair. I've spilled coffee in my lap countless times and all I've ever gotten is a groin-full of searing pain.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Play NPR's Music Tiny Desk

Seattle's own Macklemore stopped by the NPR offices recently for a three-song set off his new album The Heist. Thrift Shop might be my new jam.

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Wheezy Waiter, even in the state I am now, is dumb.