Models Fall Down, Go Boom

The shame is that this could all have been avoided if they had just turned left.[BoingBoing]


Nepal Narcos Nab 2.5 Tons of Sticky Icky

Nepalese Police made the largest drug bust in the nation's history on Monday when officers seized two and a half tons of dank from a major dealer in Kathmandu. The fuzz found 5,820 pounds of weed bound and waiting for transport to India, with a local street value of just $155,000—or not enough to even buy a house Stockton, CA. [WPD - Image: Invisible Hand]

Mike Tyson's Best First Round Knockouts

You know, I bet getting punched by Iron Mike doesn't even hurt that much—on account of you becoming instantly unconscious.

Chuck Norris: The Movie

Behold, Mike Tyson's only known natural predator.


Rhode Island Decriminalizes the Ounce

Rhode Island took the unprescedented step yesterday of decriminalizing marijuana. According to a report from the Providence Journal:

The law, which takes effect April 1, 2013, says possessing an ounce or less will become a civil violation with a $150 fine, akin to a ticket. It also states that three such violations within 18 months would be a misdemeanor with larger fines and/or prison.

Half of collected fines are to be spent on drug-awareness and -treatment programs for youths.
Offenders under age 18 will have parents notified, have to complete a court-approved or juvenile hearing board-approved drug-awareness program, and do community service. Failure to do those within a year would increase the fine to $300.


So while it isn't quite Amsterdam legal, RI is probably the best place in America to get caught holding. Hell, I've gotten parking tickets more expensive than this. [Providence Journal - Image: Mike D]