The Stoner Channel: Dogs vs. Zombies, Garage Grow Ops, and Springfield Legalizes It—For Now

Hidden Place - Stephen Irwin

This is, um. It'''s something alright. If you have any idea what's going on, let us know in the discussion below. [Cartoon Brew]


Springfield Missouri Decriminalizes Weed—But Not for Long

In order to avoid putting the matter on the November ballot—which would cost nearly $200,000—Springfield's city council passed a measure on Monday decriminalizing possession of up to and ounce and a quarter of marijuana. In addition to reducing the maximum penalty to just $150, the measure also requires the city council to form an oversight committee and expunge records of the violation after two years. But don't make travel plans just yet. Not 48 hours later, the council is already considering amending the bill. This is on account of the council not actually having the authority to either create an oversight committee or purge criminal records.


"It doesn't do what the petitioners want; it just fouls up the system," said Councilman John Rush. The council will discuss the proposed amendments during a pair of emergency meetings later in September. [Stop the Drug War]


Play Dead

For all the time we (and by we, I mean I) spend contemplating how to best prepare for the upcoming zombiepacalypse, no one ever considers what will become of man's best friend—save for Andres and Diego Meza-Valdes. This short film examines how dogs will survive in the land of the dead. [Nerd Approved]

How to Grow in Your Garage

If Tom Cruise still refuses to come out of your closet, just leave him. Besides, you can always just set up in the garage. It's a bit more resource intesive than just dropping some seeds in your front lawn, but the results are well worth the effort. [420 Times]


Amino Acid Does a Bud-y Good

Amino Acids, the base components of proteins and enzymes, are as necessary to marijuana as they are to the people that smoke it. Regular amino acid suppliments can help the plant grow stronger stalks, better regulate its metabolism, and increase the rate at which it abosrbs other essential nutrients. The experts at Big Buds have assembled a helpful overview of the best brands to feed to your buds. [Big Buds] - Image: / Shutterstock


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