A Fox Tale

This stunning animated short by a quartet of art students from the French art school, Supinfocom Arles, pits a sexy fox lady against a pair of hapless hunters. Pixar had better watch its back. [Cartoon Brew]

Cockneys vs Zombies

It's like Shawn of the Dead without the backstabbing or love triangles (at least that's what I gather from these three minutes of awesome) and a whole lot more guns. And swords. And old people mowing down the undead. Oh man, I'm so excited I could eat a face. [Nerd Approved]

The Only Way You'll Ever Get a Xenomorph Skull on Your Wall

Face it, humans are timid, slow, squishy little meatbags compared to a Xenomorph's physiology. And, unless you're packing a shoulder-mounted laser cannon or your last name rhymes with Threadator, you're more likely to end up making out with a face-hugger than trying to figure out how to field dress an animal leaking acid blood.

Luckily, the artist Wataru over at Psycho Monsterz—a Japanese monster craft site kinda like Etsy, but so, so much cooler—is selling accurate reproductions of the Xenomorph skull (at least the one from the tail end of Predator 2) for $875. It's pricey but sure beats having one of the little bastards eat its way out of your chest cavity. [Psycho Monsterz via Walyou]


Super Duper Super Hero - Mike Geiger

So how much radioactive waste does one need to bath in to get the super power of "anything I want"? [Cartoon Brew]

Nirvana - Praça da Apoteose (Hollywood Rock Festival), Rio de Janeiro

At some point during this 1993 show Cobain briefly whips out his junk. Consider yourself warned.


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