Luna Park Flatland BMX

Local Melbourne Flatland riders Karl Hugues, Phillip Fruh, Andre Martin, and Chris Carver take over the Luna Park Carnival—which is celebrating its 100th year in operation—for some haunting flatland rides.

How in the World Does William Spencer Land These Impossible Skate Tricks?

Hint: magic. [The Awesomer]

Adam Savage Explains How Big Ideas Are Born

MythBusters host and Geek Idol Adam Savage discusses how niggling facts and notions can grow into major scientific breakthroughs in this most excellent Ted Talk [It's Okay to Be Smart]

The NYC MoMA is Honoring the Mother of CGI

You've probably never heard of Lillian Schwartz and that's a shame. She pioneered the creation of 2D and 3D computer-generated art when she worked for Bell Labs in the early 1960s. The New York Museum of Modern Art will be screening selected works tomorrow at 7pm. If you can't make it, check out a documentary about her works above (and the rest of it here). [Cartoon Brew]

Feminine Flow - Rickard Bengtsson

The beauty of the female form expressed in the only way guys understand.