Kim Beom, Yellow Scream

He's like Bob Ross, but louder.

McFinn's Original Triple-Filtered Water Pipe: Welcome to the Future of Toking

Vaporizers have long held the title of "Healthiest Smoking Implement" for their ability to extract just the active compounds we want (read: THC) without combusting the carcinogenic compounds we don't. But this triple-stage water pipe from Scientific Inhalations burns even cleaner. In addition to a double percolator, the MicFinn also incorporates a tertiary cotton/coconut fiber filter to pull any remaining traces of byproduct from your rip. Fancy. [Aqualabs via Big Buds]


Home Hydro for Barely a Benjamin

Ebb and Flow hydroponic systems are ludicrously easy to operate (essentially pumping water and nutrients into the growing medium from a lower storage tank) and apparently dirt cheap to build as well. Big Buds Magazine shows us how.


An Eclipse for the Attentionally Deficient

BAM—sixty seconds of natural wonder. [It's Okay to Be Smart]

Watch the World's Largest Iceberg Being Born

A massive, 1.75 cubic mile chunk of ice recently broke free from Greenland's Ilulissat glacier. Luckily, documentarian James Balog was there to capture the moment for his upcoming climate change expose, Chasing Ice.