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The Stoner Channel: MMJ Goes to Washington, Bill Nye Ties a Tie, and QOTSA Do SWU

"Duality" Art Installation Lights Up Atlantic City

Employing 12 20,000 lumen projectors, 65 spot lights, Canadian production company Moment Factory lights up the Atlantic City Boardwalk's historic facade twice a night. [Laughing Squid]

Bill Nye and His Science Tie

Bill Nye, Science Guy, and that one dude from that godawful geek-pandering G4 show explain how to tie a bow tie. After having split a 12-pack apparently. [Buzzfeed]


Brats - Ian Cheng

Oh man, I'm so high I have no idea what's going on. *Checks back three hours later, still has no idea what's going on* [Cartoon Brew]

Illustration for article titled The Stoner Channel: MMJ Goes to Washington, Bill Nye Ties a Tie, and QOTSA Do SWU

Finally! Federal Courts Will Hear Marijuana Rescheduling Arguments

It only took a decade but a DC Circuit Court of Appeals has agreed to entertain arguments for dropping marijuana to a Schedule 2 drug. Such a move would empower the medical marijuana movement—Sched 2 drugs are recognized as having medical uses while Sched 1's are not—spur real, actionable scientific research into cannabinoids, and severely hamper the Federal government's latest crusade against dispensaries. The case goes to court in October, hopefully there will still be some MMJ collectives open at that point. [Americans for Safe Access via 420 Times]

Queens of The Stone Age - SWU Festival 2010

Wait, where's Dave Grohl?

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I watch stuff like this and think about what must be going on in the mind of an older person. Someone that was born even before televisions. To see the evolution of technology as it stands today would be incredible. I'm blown away by the things that can be done nowadays and I'm only in my 30's...I wonder what lies ahead.