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Granted, every movie Pixar does turns to gold, Monsters U the prequel sequel to 2001's Monsters Inc (wait, it's been 11 years already? Bummer), looks to be even funnier than the first. Next summer needs to hurry up and get here.

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Former L.A. Deputy Calls for Across the Board Legalization

Stephen Downing is the former Deputy Chief of the LAPD, serving on the force for two decades. And in his 20 years he's seen the War on Drugs fail firsthand. Now, he's a member of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition and is pushing for the legalization of not just weed, but all drugs.

"When I started, the show-and-tells for the media were a kilo or two, a couple of handguns and a few thousand dollars in cash," Downing wrote [in a recent LA Times article], referring to the news conferences called by the LAPD to celebrate its busts. "Today it's warehouses full of dope, pallets of cash and tens of thousands of war level weapons. That alone should tell us something about failed policy."

When Downing talks about legalizing drugs, he means we should "legalize, regulate and control" illicit substances. But he isn't referring only to marijuana, even though he finds it illogical that marijuana is illegal while alcohol and tobacco - proven killers - are perfectly legal. He's talking about legalizing cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, Ecstasy, the whole underground kaleidoscope.

With all those drugs, Downing said, "prohibition is not the answer and it will never be the answer, because it does not and will not work."


Unfortunately, there's more money to be made in an outright ban than there is in regulation so don't expect the powers that be to jump on this bandwagon any time soon. [LA Times via 420 Times]

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You Can No Longer Do Spice in Michigan—That's a Good Thing

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder signed into law a bill banning the sale and distribution of synthetic marijuana in his state. "This is overdue," the governor said at a press conference before signing bill. "Synthetic drugs are a very bad thing. We need to continue to learn that there are new variations coming. K2 is the next variation." Smartly—since Spice manufacturers are quick to tweak the chemical compositions of their wares to circumvent bans—the new law allows the Department of Community Health to call up the Board of Pharmacy to review and potentially ban any new variations within 10 days of them hitting the market. [My Fox Detroit via @weedbusts - Image: AP]

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Gov Cuomo's Pland to Decriminalize Weed Derailed by the GOP—Is Anyone Surprised?

When New York Governor Andrew Cuomo first announced a plan to decriminalize the possession of small amounts of marijuana to combat the NYPD's Stop-and-search program, it received massive support from the state assembly—comprised mostly of urban, minority representatives whose constituencies were most immediately affected by the police-sanctioned harassment. However the bill is now dead in the water, effectively smothered by the State Senate, which is commanded by representatives whose constituents are primarily white, rich, and suburban.


"Marijuana still is a gateway drug to so many other much more dangerous things," said Senator John J. Flanagan, a Long Island Republican quipped to the NYT before launching into a three hour recap of why things aren't as good as they used to be, why New York's Senators wear onions on their belts, and why all young people are lawn-invading punks with no respect for their elders—though he did nod off about 45 seconds in.

But whatever, it's just a couple (actually, thousands) of young black and brown men who will carry that legal stigma for the rest of their lives, what difference does that have for rich white folk that can afford coke? [NYT via Big Buds - Image: AP]

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Anonymous Sticks With What It Does Best

Despite a bunch of big talk earlier this summer about organizing massive worldwide rallies in support of Marijuana decriminalization, the collective has decided that that plan involves far too much "outdoors" and not nearly enough hacking. So, they've rekajiggered their plans accordingly:

After careful consideration and much debate within the 420 community it has been decided that Operation Cannabis 420 needs to evolve beyond marches and social networking campaigns and we have decided to concentrate on communications and outreach. Therefore the operation has been upgraded and the following has been decided:

1) Instead of yet another march, Team Vendetta will be organizing and building a live streaming web site that encompasses all of the global marijuana march in each city so the world can watch and follow the march as it travels around the earth...also we will be building and organizing a website for cannabis streams that exist today and will exist tomorrow on the web. As part of this effort we will be recruiting live streamers to cover the Million Marijuana March (aka Global Marijuana March or World Marijuana March). We are hoping to bring technology and information sharing and education through this process as technology does make the world combining many cannabis channels that stream on the net into one central accessible place we are hoping this will make it easier to learn and share information while also making it easier to use...

2) The team will also begin work on an internet radio broadcast designed to reach out to new volunteers and supporters who wish to get involved in the fight to legalize cannabis. This will consist of a two-pronged approach. Much of our activity will center on education and mobilization toward reaching out on all levels to our communities and our lawmakers. We will also, as stated in our previous press release, be exposing and calling out the narco-warriors responsible for maintaining the current stranglehold on drug policy in the United States. These are the pharmaceutical companies, the private prison contractors, the police unions, the alcohol and tobacco industries, the corporate lobbyists for these organizations and the politicians who accept "campaign contributions" to legislate in their favor. We aim to try to put a face to your enemy while also sharing as much information about the oppressors as possible which will make them accountable for their actions...

Since marches are already being done, we have been advised to concentrate on expanding our support base for this cause. Now is the time to begin reaching out to everyone. The team will be releasing more information in the coming weeks to keep everyone up to date on how to go about this. Let's be as careful as possible, even with the rabid antis. This cause is too important to alienate anyone. We will win.

Team Vendetta

[Big Buds - Image: The AP]


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