The Union: The Business Behind Getting High

While slightly dated (produced in 2007), The Union is still a marquee documentary on the continuing MMJ controversy in North America. This is the movie in its entirety—if you haven't seen it yet, you really need to.

NASA Discovers Moon Soil Is Super Fertile—the Atmosphere, Not So Much

When the Apollo team returned from the moon, they brought back with them heaps of moon dirt for NASA boffins to play with. So, naturally, as part of the testing, they tried to grow terrestrial plants in extraterrestrial soil. Hot damn it worked well. NASA raised ferns, tobacco, lettuce, and corn (and presumably tomatoes*) successfully.

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The DEA Is At Least Winning the War On Kids

DEA Agents broke down a family's front door in 2007, applying handcuffs to both a 14 year old and her sleeping 11 year old sister after throwing them to the ground and holding guns to their heads—all in search of a drug trafficker that reportedly lived at that address. But see, it's funny because the DEA had the wrong house on account of a slipshod license plate search. AGAIN.


Well, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has had enough of these strong-arm tactics against children and has ruled that such actions constitiute "intentional infliction of emotional distress." The Court has also strongly suggested that the DEA stop doing it, which the DEA promised it would look into, just as soon as it wins the War on Drugs [ed. note: just kidding, they're going to keep doing it]. Check out the full account of the DEA's super-effective raid over at BoingBoing. Image: Humbolt County News

Paul Stamets at TEDMED 2011

In case you missed the quick-link yesterday—or haven't yet reached your weekly quota of self-righteous indignation—check out Paul Stamets' recent TedMed talk. It's absolutely fascinating.

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Medbox Might Be the Future of Dispensation

One issue dispensaries face is employees with sticky fingers—and not just the guys making hash. However, a new dispensing scheme could save weed purveyors money and security worries while making obtaining medication easier for patients.


It's called a Medbox, a weed vending machine. Think a double-wide Redbox that doles out herb instead of Hollywood's latest drivel. There are about 100 already in operation in SoCal and now Connecticut is eyeing them as well.

"The technology was created in order to have a safe, efficient and regulated way to dispense the drug," Bruce Bedrick, CEO of Kind Clinics, a consulting firm for marijuana dispensaries, told CTNow. "Anybody, whether it's a patient or a resident, wants to make sure that when the system gets up and running it is the safest, most secure and legally compliant for everyone. And that's exactly what the technology our opinion this is the only way to do it."


According to Bedrick, the machines are cheap to operate, only needing to sell about 35 grams a day to break even (that's ten people buying an 1/8th a day). They are apparently easy to use as well, operating via a touchscreen, and offer up to 50 strains per box. As for security, Bedrick explained that each one will be wired into the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection system to maintain transparency and oversight. [Medbox via CTNow]

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