The Stoner Channel: Ozzy Osbourne Speaks of the Devil, BBC Explains Metal, and NMA Breaks Down Prop 64

Marooned On Watango Island - Lluis Fuzzhound

From the mind of Lluis Fuzzhound, the same Australian animator that did the video for Midnight Woolf's "Skin You Alive," comes a tale of shipwreck, survival, and drug-induced Tiki industry. [Laughing Squid]

Marijuana legalization 2012: Colorado, Oregon and Washington vote

Taiwanese absurdist animation studio NMA is back with this hilarious explanation of American electoral procedure as demonstrated by whatever the hell that thing is what just burst through the wall and started handing out joints. So I guess he's the Kool-aid Man for adults?

GASP: Lady GaGa Smokes Pot On-Stage

Oooh, she's so edgy and daring, smoking a joint in Amsterdam. Wait, no she's not—she's a performer whose career is built off of convincing people to continually pay attention to her. The #CatholicRage has obviously subsided from her last music video and nobody apparently gives a shit about her V magazine column, so it's on to cannabis and all the Middle American indignation that it entails! Well, at least Nikki Minaj isn't endorsing it.

Heavy Metal Britannia

The BBC explores the origins of the British metal scene. Nigel Planer narrates.


Ozzy Osbourne - Speak Of The Devil

See this? This is what they were talking about in HMB. This right here.

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Weed is on the ballot in Arkansas this November. Why is no one talking about this? Arkansas having only 27 citizens (all related) is not an acceptable excuse.