The Stoner Channel: Rick-Rolling Pianists, ETLians, and the Secret History of Snowflakes

Beginning / Water Projection

Simply phenomenal. Artist Grzegorz Nowiński introduces a Polish crowd to the history of the universe using a wall of water vapor.

Airport Pianist Rick Rolls O'Hare

It's not quite Christmas carols but certainly beats the job this guy did instilling holiday cheer. [Laughing Squid]



This gorgeous 30 second teaser project from The Animation Workshops' 2nd year class supposes what would happen if E.T. were actually as vicious as the Xenomorphs.

How to Become an Advocate for Medical Marijuana

The fact that we live in a country by the people, for the people actually only works if people participate. And that means doing more than going to the ballots every other year. With marijuana legalization seemingly having reached its watershed moment, the time is ripe for a bit of citizen activism. To that end, Americans for Safe Access has produced a series of instructional videos with tips for anyone fixing to become an advocate. Check out the full series at 420 Times.

The Two Minute Origin of Snowflakes

The folks at the American Chemical Society (which sounds like it throws some epic holiday parties) have produced this quirky and informative video about how infinitely individual snowflakes form in the first place.


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