The Art of the Glitch

One man's wonky internet connection is another man's art. [PBS via Laughing Squid]

Flatline - Jeremiah Zagar

Just because Craig Lewis has no heartbeat, doesn't mean he's dead. Well, yes, normally it does, but Craig is far from normal. He's the lucky recipient of a revolutionary new circulatory pump, developed by a pair of surgeons at the Texas Heart Institute, that does not beat—it rotates. Just like a 1971 Mazda RX-7, Craig Lewis runs on a rotary engine. Flatline is the work of Jeremiah Zagar and is an extended version of Heart Stop Beating, a short film that took Sundance by storm earlier this year, and is all sorts of amazing. [MedGadget]

Watch NASA's New Morpheus Moon Lander Crash and Burn

Point: NASA just shot the Curiosity Lander the 16 million miles or so to Mars and put it down within a few kilometers, completely unharmed, of the intended target. Counter-Point: This. [Gizmodo Au]


Water Light Graffiti Paints Liquid Pictures

This impressive installation, developed and built by Antonin Fourneau from Digitalarti Artlab in Paris, utilizes moisture to complete circuits and illuminate the wall off LED lights. Any sort of condensation will reportedly work—water guns, spray bottles, and the like—as well as just your hands. [Laughing Squid - Image: Digitalarti Artlab]


Of Course There's a Guinness World Record for Longest Ride by a Goat on a Skateboard

This is very important stuff here people. When society collapses and we enter another Dark Age, it'll be the good people at GBWR that keep the torch of civilization burning until the next renaissance comes around. [BoingBoing]


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