Welcome to Cathy's House, the Insanest Place on Japanese Broadcast Television

Oh great, now how am I going to read their lips? [Buzzfeed]

Real Skifi Ep 7 - Fail Skier

Watch this trio of "urban skiers" (which apparently is a thing in Finland) recount some of their most impressive recent crashes before knocking down some sweet tricks that would make Shaun White blanch.

I'm Not Quite Sure What It Was - Rickard Bengtsson

This eerie cell animation, Bengtsson's first effort with the hand-drawn style, is based on an equally mysterious tune by composer Ludovico Einaudi. If you have any idea what they're talking about, tell us in the discussion below!


We may have moved past the darkest parts of the recent recession but times are still tough for a lot of Americans. With incomes shrinking as food and fuel prices rise, many household budgets simply don't have room for extraneous sticky-icky purchases. Or do they? The folks at Stoned Society have assembled a handy eight step guide for stretching your stash as far as it'll go.

Quantum Levitation Might as Well Be Magic

Dr. Boaz Almog from Tel-Aviv University warps the laws of physics in a demonstration of his years of superconductor research. That popping sound you hear is audience members' heads exploding.