The Stoner Channel: Ten Jackie Chan Stunts, Two Guys Riding the Red Wave, and One Night in Stockholm

Led Zeppelin - Black Dog - Celebration Day

If you're a fan of either Zep or OBEY street artist Shepherd Fairey, you might want to take a two hour lunch break tomorrow between 10am and noon because Fairey is dropping 300 of these absolutely stunning, signed Celebration Day posters on his site. If you can't get one of those, another 50 will be signed—by the band—and auctioned later in the month for charity.

Ted Talks to Jimmy Kimmel

Wait, so if Ted the bear is completely CGI for this interview—Seth MacFarlane was doing the voice just offstage—does that mean Kimmel pulled ann Eastwood and was talking to an empty chair?

One Night in Stokholm

If you thought honor among thieves was a challenge, try being an assassin in love.

Jackie Chan's 10 Best Stunts

The guys from CinemaMassacre have assembled a collection of Chan's biggest, most dangerous leaps and bounds.

How the Pros Winch-Board a Cranberry Bog

This Rebull Winch Session is more than just slo-mo sports action pron. Watch it and learn at least three things that you never knew you wanted to know about cranberries.

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