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Dragon Ball Z - 2013

OH HELL YEAH! This is so awesome my hair's standing on end and turning blonde!


Sativex Oral Spray May be More Effective than Traditional Opiate Treatments

Marijuana itself may have "no recognized medical use" according to the Controlled Substances Act but researchers haven't had any trouble putting cannabinoids, the plant's active ingredient, to good use. A new study published in the Journal of Pain (which coincidentally, is also an awesome name for a thrash metal band) indicates that an oral spray containing cannabinoids provided superior pain relief to a small, 263-patient study than that of conventional opiate-based sprays.


Sativex, generic name nabiximols, provided improved pain relief to 26-percent of those that used it in small doses. For some reason higher doses did not concur such benefits but rather caused mild nausea and other side effects. Researchers therefore believe, even though this is just a preliminry study, that a cocktail of Sativex and traditional opiates might provide the most relief for patients.

"The finding that nabiximols has analgesic efficacy as add-on therapy for pain from advanced cancer that is poorly responsive to opioid therapy has great potential clinical relevance… Based on the results of this dose-ranging study, nabiximols in a manageable dose range may prove to offer benefits to a very ill population with refractory pain. Confirmatory studies are strongly warranted," wrote lead author Russell K. Portenoy, MD, and Chairman of the Department of Pain Medicine and Palliative Care at Beth Israel Medical Center in New York City. [Big Buds - Image: stryjek / shutterstock]


Modern Comedian - Lynn Shawcroft - Mitch Was a Writer

A poignant short film on the life of comedian Mitch Hedberg created by his widow, Lynn Shawcroft. [Modern Comedian via Buzzfeed]


World's Fastest-Hitting Strain Is Named After World's Fastest-Running Man

Usain Bolt recently joined an elite cadre of superstar athletes whose members include luminaries such as Anthony Lin and Michael Phelps. That's right, the 3-time Olympic Gold winning sprinter now has his own strain of weed—the Usain Bolt OG. This indica-dominant strain reportedly knocks you out faster than Bolt runs the 100m. Check some out at your local dispensary, assuming the feds haven't shut it down yet. [Marijuana - Image: Ververidis Vasilis / shutterstock]


Grateful Dead 4-12-78 Cameron Indoor Stadium Durham NC

If this video appears black and white, you're clearly too sober.


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