The Stoner Channel: The One with Good Men, Gay Marriage Debates, and Interplanetary Pollen

The Heavy - What Makes A Good Man?

With a sound reminiscent of the Black Crowes and—dare I say it—a bit James Brown, The Heavy throw the hammer down for the first single off their new album, The Glorious Dead.

Dan Savage vs. Brian Brown: The Dinner Table Debate

Regardless of where you stand on the issue of gay marriage, you should take an hour, spark fat one, and take in this fascinating debate between Brian Brown, President of the National Organization for Marriage, and Dan Savage, writer of the Savage Love column.

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Feds Eye the Remainder of So Cal Ahead of LA Dispensary Ban

The Federal government is continuing its Sherman March through California's dispensary network and has now focused efforts on eradicating pot clubs throughout the lower half of the Golden State. The owners of buildings housing six dispensaries in Anaheim have been served with asset-forfeiture lawsuits, the same tactic used in the Bay Area. The lawsuits allege that while the dispensaries are operating within the bounds of California law, they still are violating statues of the Constrolled Substances Act. [420 Times]


Pollen - Jeremy Bondy

Snot funny being ruthlessly hunted by your own mucus. This intrepid explorer is lucky he didn't blow his escape. [Cartoon Brew]

Colorado's Yes on 64 Campaign Gets a Theme Song

Marijuana legalization proponents in Colorado have a simple goal: regulate weed as you would liquor and use the tax money to fund state education. They've also got this bitchin' new campaign jingle. Best Randy Newman cover evar. [420 Times]

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Well hello there new Katt Williams stand-up special.