Jimmy Kimmel's Finka Palmalera Challenge

With Starbucks' recent announcement that it will soon carry a $7 cup of coffee made from a rare breed of caffinated bean, Jimmy Kimmel took to the streets to see if people could actually tell the difference. Boy could they ever.


You're Going to Need a Hand Lighting the World's Biggest Bong

This massive glassware monstrosity is reputedly the largest functional bong in existence. Built by G-Spot, the bong stands over 8 feet tall and holds 108 liters of water and ice cubes. Go ahead, stick your head in and take a toke. [G-spot]

The Coup - Your Parents' Cocaine

The Coup's newest album, "Sorry To Bother You", Dropped at the end of October and includes this little ditty about rich kids and the pitfalls of guranteed success. [Uptown Almanac]


California's Juvenile Crime Rate Dropped by 20 Percent Last Year Thanks to Decriminalized Weed

In 2010, California quietly passed legislation decriminalizing simple possession of marijuana for (the remaining arrests were for kids caught holding while on school grounds, a provision which stayed illegal).


"Arrests for youths for the largest single drug category, marijuana, fell by 9,000 to a level not seen since before the 1980s implementation of the ‘war on drugs,' " CJCJ (Center on Juvenile & Criminal Justice) senior research fellow Mike Males wrote in a recent policy brief.

This policy is designed to keep kids out of the criminal justice system for and infraction as minor as holding and appears to be working. According to Alternet,

Drug-related juvenile arrests overall fell by 47 percent between 2010 and 2011. Violent crime arrests fell by 16 percent; homicide arrests by 26 percent; rape arrests by 10 percent; and property-crime arrests by 16 percent. Nationwide, according to the FBI Uniform Crime Reports, arrests of juveniles for all offenses decreased 11.1 percent in 2011 when compared with the 2010 number; arrests of adults declined 3.6 percent.


[CJCJ - Alternet - Boing Boing - Image: WilleeCole/Shutterstock]

How to Capture the Spirit of America from the Back of a Panel Van

This powerful documentary by Ian Ruhter looks at our common fear of success through a lomagraphic lens.