The Stoner Channel: Top Flight Parkour, 2-Pac at the HoB, and Video Games at the End Times

Let's Go - Stuck in the Sound

An astronaut finds the companion he needs, just not the one he wants, as the world ends in this fantastic animated music video by Alexis Beaumont and Rémi Godin for the Canadian rock band, Stuck In The Sound. [Cartoon Brew]

Cambodia in Hyper-lapse

Youtuber Andyblalock turns the normally stoic genres of time-lapse and hyper-lapse video on its ear with this pulse-pounding tour of Phnom Penh.

The Best Parkour You'll See this Year

Kids these days. Back when I was a youngster, we had to drag skateboards, roller blades, and BMX bikes along when we threw ourselves down flights of stairs. And we liked it that way.

The Best Our Planet Has to Offer

Turn off the lights, spark up a spliff, set this bad boy to 1080p full-screen, and enjoy the ride.

2-Pac and Snoop Play the House of Blues

Yup, he's still got it.

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