How to Not Get Arrested for Smoking Weed

While American tokers may only have about a 1-in-34 chance of getting nabbed by The Man, over 800,000 people are nonetheless popped annually. And with the latest rounds of Federal crackdowns on legal dispensaries, those numbers are only going to increase. Luckily, as long as you can pass for a white, middle-aged CPA, these handy tips from Salon Magazine will help you avoid joining that statistic. [Salon]


If You're Going to Do Acid, You Might as Well Live-Tweet Your Trip

You know, for a guy trippin' balls on LSD, Gary Debussey's still more intelligible than a large portion of my Twitter feed. Seriously, he makes some very valid and compelling points about the need for self-confident limousines. [The Atlantic - Image: VG Cats - YOU READ NOW]

Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers - Leverkusen Jazz Fest Oct. 9 1989

This is how you throw a 70th birthday party for a jazz legend.


Weed Is Back on the Black Market—And Bigger Than Ever—Thanks to Federal Dispensary Crackdown

"It's too late!" he bellows. "The genie is out of the bottle. A huge demand has been created. It's back to the underground. Anyone who is smart is just going to take it back to the streets." [SFGate]

Teach Your Children About Good Marijuana

Smoking dirt weed is simply unnecessary now in the 21st Century and it's your responsibility as a parent to ensure your children know the difference between Stress and Skunk. But if you are having trouble giving your kids "The Weed Talk," relax. Twist one up, sit on down, and watch this helpful PSA from High Times. [Laughing Squid]