The Stoner Channel: Win Green for Green, Join the Navy, and Trip Out on 'Shrooms

Fantastic Fungi: The Forbidden Fruit

While the Paul Stamets talk from Friday was filmed in 1999 using, apparently, a bagel (how else do you explain that video quality?), when he spoke at TedMed 2011, his presentation was augmented with this. Wow, what a difference two decades make.

Sailor and the Seagull (1949)

Why yes, I was humming "In the Navy" while I watched this, what of it?


Best Space Cake Wins $150

You think your budbutter is best? You think your green brownies are unbeatable? Fine, prove it. is running their annual Compassionate Cooking Cup right now and you can win $150 if your weed-based delicacy wins. The contest runs from June 1 through July 15, you can find more details about it here. Image: Max

The Code of the West

Montana was one of the first states in the country to legalize Medical Marijuana, now it may be the first to repeal its MMJ laws. "Code of the West" follows the 2011 debate within the Montana State Legislature on whether or not to keep weed sorta legal.


Easing Of Pot Laws Poses Challenge For Parents

The AP is running a interesting story about how square parents are having increasing difficulty explaining the deadly, deadly, dangers of reefer madness to their kids even though science keeps debunking their fears and states continue to ease restrictions on the drug. That, and the fact that a large number of now-parents themselves have dabbled in weed without becoming heroin-addicted, mass-murdering, puppy rapists. Oh, the hypocrisy is nearly palpable.[420 Times]


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