According to a Netflix press release, Bertelmann “utilizes piano, strings and orchestra to explore a wide range of sounds that provide a rich backdrop to the mission to Mars thriller,” which is co-written and directed by Joe Penna, for whom the composer has high praise.


“Working on Stowaway and collaborating with director Joe Penna was a special experience in many respects: Joe, who is a musician himself, gave me a lot of freedom to explore different sounds and we had a joint understanding of the purposes the music should serve,” Bertelmann said in the Netflix release. “This facilitated the compositional process, which was extremely helpful given the considerable amount of music the film needed. The music for Stowaway is one of my favorite scores so far.”

Here’s a look at the full tracklist, followed by the album cover:

01. Earth Rise

02. Regaining Consciousness

03. Favorite Spot on the Ship

04. How Much Oxygen

05. Setting Up the Algae

06. It’s Literally My Job

07. Can I Take His Place?

08. I Was in the Fire

09. Can You Talk?

10. What Did You Do?

11. The Algae Are Dead

12. Climbing the Tethers

13. On the Kingfisher

14. More Than Enough Oxygen

15. Solar Flare

16. I Will Go

17. Climbing the Tethers Alone

18. Into the Solar Storm

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Image: Netflix

The Stowaway soundtrack will be released on Lakeshore Records on April 23 (you can pre-save it on Spotify if you wish); Stowaway the movie—starring Toni Collette, Anna Kendrick, Daniel Dae Kim, and Shamier Anderson—begins streaming on Netflix on April 22.

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