The Strangest and Most Wonderful Photobomb You've Ever Seen

This is a story. The story of a young woman, brown of hair and unsure of heart, and her new dress. This is also the story of another woman in the dressing room, heart full of cocaine and smartphone love.

Have you ever seen a face like that? What brought on her joy? Why is the other girl so morose? This photo is like staring into a prism—no amount of scrutiny will answer anything. But we can't look away, just like blonde crazyface couldn't pull her eyes from her phone screen as she snapped a pic of this pouting beauty. What was the dress for? A sacrifice? Combat? A Bat Mitzvah? What challenge awaits her? Is this her last day on Earth? We'll never know—and that's why this JPG, encapsulating everything it means to be young, terrified, and an AT&T subscriber in modernity, will haunt us for the rest of our conscious years. [Reddit]


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