The Street Says Mac Users are Snobs, PC Users are Cheapskates

The Street is running a new video that cites research from Mindset Media, which pretty much says Mac users are "snobs." The company surveyed 7500 Mac and PC owners, and what they found seems ok for the most part... until they talk about the five pair of sneakers.

Apparently, Mac fanboys and fangirls are perfectionists, more likely to use teeth whitening products, notebooks over desktop computers, drive station wagons and/or hybrid cars, pay for downloaded music, visit Starbucks frequently. The study also says that Mac users are environmentally conscious and have purchased five pairs of sneakers in the last year. For some reason. Whatever. [The Street via TUAW]



this is so lame. i'm a proud mac user and as in "proud" i basically mean, i love my machine because it gets done what i need it to do. plus i never pay extra after the initial (sometimes expensive) price of a mac. i don't have updates that cost anything, i don't have norton anti-virus, i don't have crashes, yadda yadda yadda. it just does what i need it to do, when i need it. that doesn't make it perfect, it just makes it a cool machine. i prefer the material mac uses for their technology over any pc-company.

but i have tons of friends that use pcs WAY more than macs. i tell them they should do themselves a favor and get a mac - because all of them want something in the media-realm... that's hardly anything close to spreadsheets, programming, coding, etc etc.

that doesn't make them bad people at all, etc etc. i'm a mac user, but i don't yell at people that they're stupid. i'm just a designer that needs this type of machine.

who the F cares.