The Superfast AT&T Network of Your Delirious Fever Dreams

At AT&T's Foundry in Plano, Texas, GigaOM's Stacey Higginbotham got to test AT&T's embryonic LTE network (their actual 4G network). It's fast. 28.87 Mbps downstream and 10.4 Mbps up.

For the LTE demo, they were using some of the 700MHz spectrum they bought, along with the AWS spectrum they own and want to devour T-Mobile for. AT&T says it plans to cover 95 percent of the country's population with the miracle network dust—if only the government lets them eat T-Mobile—with the first trials of the network happening later this year.


And AT&T says they were trying to model real-world situations, not miracle scenarios. Ballsy! I'll be the first to throw down in a betting pool on when we'll see those kind of speeds on AT&T's network in New York City or San Francisco. [GigaOM]

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At those speeds, expect LTE to slowly poison WiFi to death.

I could even deal with an LTE router at home if connection issues due to distance were a thing of the past.