The Surface Mini That Never Was

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Back in May 2014, Microsoft was set to reveal the new Surface Pro 3. It was going to be bigger! Better! And it was going to have a small sibling, the Surface Mini. The press conference started, the always excited Panos Panay took the stage, revealed the Surface Pro 3 and...that was it. Wait. What? Where’s the Mini?

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In David Pierce’s Wired exclusive, where Surface VP Panay laid out all the behind-the-scenes facts of trying to keep the Surface Book as secret as possible, he also took a quick detour talking about the now-alive-only-in-myth Surface Mini:

One night about two years ago, Panos Panay couldn’t sleep. This happens a lot, waking up in the middle of the night with loud thoughts rattling around in his head. Panay popped off the pillow, reached for his new Surface Pen and his old Surface Mini, and wrote himself an email. (He loves the Mini, a small tablet his team built but never shipped. “It was like a Moleskine,” he says. “It was awesome.”)


There it is. In print. The Surface Mini isn’t only real, but working models still (hopefully) exist in the world. Whether we’ll ever see one, either through some grainy leaked photo or long lost CAD file, is still unknown. For now, all we know is that it was “awesome.” For now, that’s enough.


Apple Pay Stalls Out: The mobile payments revolution, at least in its current form, could be a short-lived revolution. According to a year-long independent study referencing 15,000 people, Apple Pay growth is stalling, only gaining four percent growth since February. Apple says it’s continuing to see growth on a per transaction basis, but as far as adoption is concerned, things are decelerating.

More Than a Bnb: AirBnb may have more in mind than just being a online destination for picking spots to cozy up around the world. According to emails sent out to a privileged few, AirBnb is working on a service called Journeys that will basically plan the whole trip for you, including transportation from the airport, restaurant bookings, sight seeing, and yep, an AirBnb to go along with it. So, travel agents for the 21st century. [The Next Web]

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I like Apple Pay, both the general concept and the usage/execution when I can use it. The problem is the vast, vast majority of places I go to don’t have a set up to use it. The only places I can think of anywhere close to where I am now at work would be McDonald’s (ew) and Firehouse Subs (less ew). But none of the grocery stores or home improvement stores or clothing/department stores and definitely none of the smaller, local shops have any form of mobile pay. You can’t get consumers to adopt it until you get retailers to. It just doesn’t make sense to work the other way around.