Illustration for article titled The Swerve Disposable Razor Makes Quick Work of Beastly Neck and Back Hair

This isn't the 70's anymore guys. Excessive body hair and gold medallions are no longer acceptable. There are gadgets out there designed to handle the job, but the Swerve provides a more ergonomic solution.


The Swerve is billed as the world's first "full body groomtool," but we know better. By the looks of things in the terrifying video above, getting into the truly hard to reach areas in the middle of the back is not going to be an easy task (unless you are a contortionist). Besides, these disposable razors are waaay to expensive at $5 for a single and $13 for a 3-pack. [Swerve via Shaving Stuff and Boing Boing Gadgets]

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