The Syrian Electronic Army Just Hacked Another Big Twitter Account

Even with Twitter adding two-factor authentication, the Thomson Reuters' Twitter account @thomsonreuters has been hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army. If you remember, the Syrian Electronic Army has been responsible for hacking the Twitter accounts of The Onion, E! Online, CBS and more.


The Syrian Electronic Army used the @thomsonreuters account to tweet out pictures of pro-Assad political cartoons. The cartoons are not exactly of the Sunday Morning variety, so expect to see gore, blood, guts and all around distasteful images. BuzzFeed rounded up the offensive tweets made by the Syrian Electronic Army here.

Twitter has suspended the @thomsonreuters Twitter account for the time being. It's unclear how the Syrian Electronic Army gained access but when it came to hacking The Onion, they phished Onion employees through three different ways.

Here's a screenshot of @thomsonreuters' hacked timeline, which include links to the political cartoons, courtesy of AllThingsD:



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