The Teaser For Deadpool's Trailer is Pure Fourth-Wall-Smashing Greatness

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That right’s you chimichanga-eating animals. The first Deadpool trailer will be out tomorrow—but here’s your first official glimpse at Ryan Reynolds’ performance as the popular Marvel Comics character.

In typical meta, Deadpool fashion, this is simply a teaser for the trailer, which Reynolds will debut Tuesday on Conan. It’ll be online soon after. Here though you get a hint at the cursing, humor, and self-reference (including the funny jab at X-Men Origins: Wolverine) of the film, all or which are right in line with what makes Deadpool so popular in the comics. When the trailer hits tomorrow, people are going to freak out.


Can’t wait? Read our description of it right here from when it played at San Diego Comic-Con.

Deadpool opens February 12.